Algorithmics International Programming School
Launch your own profitable education business
Open doors
in 6 weeks with $7,000 starting investment
11 months
of $200,000 per year
Open doors
in 6 weeks with $7,000 starting investment
11 months
of $200,000 per year
About Algorithmics
Algorithmics school international franchise has more than 515 partners worldwide. Algorithmics developed an IT-ecosystem that provides education in programming, game design, website development for students from 6 to 18 years old.
30+m² / Up to 8 groups in the classroom
30m² / Up to 5 groups in the classroom
50+m² / From 8 groups in the classroom
Average rent from $800
Average rent from $600
Average rent from $1,500
Algorithmics school in a separate room in an educational center, co-working space or shopping mall.
Algorithmics class in a rented space in a local library, co-working space, or educational center.
Algorithmics school in a room with a separate entrance. It can combine several classrooms, a conference room and your office.
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6 reasons why Algorithmics is your franchise of choice
5. Top quality education
4. No experience needed
we help you with all aspects of running business (marketing, sales, operations) and teaching kids (ready to use courses and digital platform)
6. A ready-made IT-ecosystem
incorporating courses, tests, attendance controls, sales funnels and payment automation
1. Easy to start
98% of our partners begin with an online school and no property lease costs
2. Credible business model
one out of every three partners launches 2 or more schools
3. Secure investment
92% of franchisees reach payback period within 11 months
The program designed by one of the world EdTech leaders
6 reasons why Algorithmics
is your franchise of choice
Money back program — your investment is returned shall you fail to achieve paying students in 4 months
Your estimated initial investment and revenue
See the approximate calculation of investments for the first 2 years. Your investment pays off within 11 months
From $7,000
Initial Franchise Fee
From 12%
Royalty from revenue
From $118,343
Your revenue in 24 months. Revenue in 12 months $40,160
300 leads
We provide you with up to 300 free leads to get you started
Business with Algorithmics
made simple
We accompany our partners at all stages of work and support them in:
setting up and maintaining infrastructure
monthly analyzing and optimizing business costs
applying the latest teaching techniques while delivering a constantly updated list of courses
hiring and training the best tutors
attracting and retaining target customers
By following our simple algorithms, you will begin to earn as much as $200,000 annually once the school is up and running
instructing sales managers
using an effective employee motivation system
It’s easy to start a business.
Thanks to worked-out business processes the students are taught modern professions with pleasure. Entuziazm and willingness needed to earn up to $200.000 for the first year.
7 Steps to a successful Algorithmics franchise
Do what you love for a living!
Let’s educate as many children as possible for the future — we are all set for that.

The Algorithmics franchise combines a remarkable financial opportunity with an ability to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of children in your community. Our mission is to open programming up for every kid in the world.

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