Expertise of launching 300+ franchises, outstanding product and strong management — key elements of Algorithmics franchise
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250 000
franchise partners
Our goal is to prepare as many children around the world as possible for the present and the future
Why do we believe in this?
We develop the most valuable skills of the 21st century: critical thinking, creativity, technological know-how, and programming. These are all skills that will be essential in the nearest future
Why programming?
A programming school with its own online platform for children aged 6 to 17
Who are we?
How to become a franchisee at Algorithmics?
Book and attend a call with a Franchise Manager
Prepare questions
1. Introduction
Discuss opportunities and terms of partnership
Meet Algorithmics team
2. Consultation
Attend an interview with the Chief Executive Officer and sign the contract
3. Conclusion of the contract
Find a location and staff
Start marketing and advertising campaigns
4. Preparation
Make a School Inauguration event
Form the groups and start Algorithmics classes
5. Opening of the school
Be in touch with Algorithmics team
Have a great success :)
6. Support
What will be my responsibilities as the franchisee?
Algorithmics has developed a concept where the franchisee takes care of operational tasks, while the educational process is delegated to the teachers.
Monitoring the operational team and teachers
Algorithmics has prepared ready-to-use marketing and selling materials: a brandbook, presentations, a website, and social media pages.
Marketing and selling
A business mentor at Algorithmics will guide you at every step of your business, helping you build a base for your school.
Business management
The franchisee should communicate with parents regularly to keep them engaged. Algorithmics has developed follow-up emails that are sent after every lesson and other materials to aid in that process.
Interaction with clients
How will Algorithmics support me?
Detailed instructions and templates for launching your programming school

Consultations with a personal manager and support at all stages: from opening the school to day-to-day functioning
1. A step-by-step startup plan
Scripts for working with customers. Set up your CRM and phone system and implement an effective sales funnel both online and offline

Visuals provided in the corporate style

Website and layout models for advertising materials
The testing and training of teachers

Webinars to answer questions as they arise during the actual teaching process
4. Teacher training
Operational support: consultations on finding a site, hiring teachers, and managing your team

Financial planning support regarding the price, teacher’s wages, and any other related issues
3. Personal account manager support
2. The technology for marketing and sales
A team of methodologists is working to develop new courses as well as to update the existing ones, so you can offer different options to parents
5. Continuous development of new courses
All of our educational materials, as well as the platform itself, are available in English and Spanish

Translation support for other languages from our professional team of translators
6. Language support
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